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From The Fire 2016

In 2015, J.D. Kelly and Tommy Lafferty re-assembled a new FTF band. In December 2015, FTF did a promotional video that re-lit the flame. The new addition to From The Fire band is Brian McDermott, Charlie Castro, Jenni Cue and Gannett Ries.



From The Fire - 1990's


In September 1990, a band was formed to showcase the songwriting talents of New Jersey native Nadine Arel. Session and studio veteran Michael Sciotto was going to be the drummer; Paul St. James would play bass, and Arel would play keys.

Mike called Long Island singer J.D. Kelly to check out the material. Since he’d been a fan of Sciotto’s talents for a while, Kelly was anxious to meet the band – and it only took a few moments of listening to the songs to realize that the group’s potential was huge. Kelly joined “From The Fire” on the spot, and brought some songs of his own.